URGENT: Phoenix City Council threatens medical marijuana with proposed tax

Posted by Harvest Headquarters on Oct 1, 2018 11:29:55 AM

The Phoenix City Council is looking to jeopardize the affordability of medical marijuana at the expense of patients in need.

Disguised as an additional tax to dispensaries and cultivators to raise funds for public safety, these changes will indiscriminately increase the cost of all medical marijuana products for patients in Phoenix: patients like you - people suffering from debilitating conditions who depend on their medicine to suppress their symptoms and control their lives. 

If you don't live or shop in the city of Phoenix, you might feel that this proposal doesn't affect you. However, if the City of Phoenix is successful with this, every other city in Arizona will quickly exploit opportunities to follow suit, and you might soon find yourself saddled with these additional costs as well.

Consider the potential impact.

Patients costs would increase by 17% per year. Wouldn't you rather pay down your mortgage or car payment? Or support your kid’s school?

The Phoenix City Council is trying to force this change on qualifying medical marijuana patients by sneaking it into law this coming Tuesday, trying to keep the plan under wraps until it had already passed. Luckily, local marijuana industry watchdogs caught onto this development just in time, and together, we have the power to stop it. 

Here's the plan...

1st - Visit https://www.phoenix.gov/mayorcouncil to email members of the Phoenix City Council with your thoughts on their proposed tax.

2nd - Join your fellow medical marijuana patients at Phoenix City Hall tomorrow afternoon!

The Phoenix City Council is planning on voting on this Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 at 2:00PM. The meeting takes place at Phoenix City Hall, located at:

200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003

We encourage you to speak at this Council meeting by filling out a comment card when you arrive, explaining to its members the inherent unfairness of this proposed cost increase.

Protect your fellow patients and make your voice heard! The Phoenix City Council wants to balance their budget deficit on the backs of those striving to manage their own health, neglecting to acknowledge the true benefits of Arizona's medical marijuana program. Remind the Council that medical marijuana isn't a hobby or a vice to be punished by a "sin tax," it's a healthy new beginning for nearly 180,000 Arizonans.

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